A New Mystery Thriller

A captivating blend of religious mysteries and science with new possibilities at every turn

The cover is just for Representational purpose. The book is unpublished.

L.K. Watson's life changed radically in the summer of 2007. One June morning in the twilight hours she experienced a vivid, heart-pounding dream so real with characters, that she was compelled to write every detail down the moment she awoke before drinking her morning coffee!

She has written a mystery thriller with scientific and romantic overtones that started the making of her Dr. Demetrio series. Book one is now called Homo transcendi Mission. Every fiber of her being compelled her to sit and write this story with passion. Chills ran through her body, knowing deeply these stories were meant for her to write.

"I was in between consulting assignments and had loads of new contract calls to make during a difficult economy. I quickly took care of business each morning and committed my afternoons and evenings to research real places and events in the world that instinctively fit my Vatican agents and their treasure hunt, fitting pieces to the puzzle's answer, perfectly."

Her plot and scenes flowed naturally.

"I believed my spirituality led me down this path. I went with the flow since my novel plot and characters felt so real and brought me a great deal of joy in the creative process."

Watson created the plot that first morning. After she wrote the first few chapters, around sixty pages, she quickly realized her detailed outline wasn't for one novel but for a series of novels.

During the day she'd receive inspirational ideas for scenes and characterizations that made for an exciting story about two Vatican Agents on mission to excavate an Israeli cave to find four medallions with Aramaic inscriptions. Once decoded, the messages foretold when and where one woman would be found in the universal plan that unfolds—with forces of good and evil battling to find this woman and her advanced child. She wrote her novel while job hunting and attending graduate school—all while handling the challenges of maintaining a normal home life. There were days she couldn't write fast enough to match the pace at which her characters and scenes played themselves out in her head. Words ignited and flames lifted from her fingertips!

Watson has a real love and commitment to write her story. Presently she works a day job as a project manager and writes her novels at night and on weekends. Now that the first novel is complete (with full manuscript requests by agents and editors) she has carved out her second outline and started writing the second of the series—deepening the Vatican agents discoveries and thickening the plot.

L.K. Watson respects the power of visualization and being spiritually led. She is able to make things happen in her life. She sees her novels as New York Times #1 Best Sellers, and knows it's just a matter of time to make that vision a reality!

Watson's educational background includes biology, chemistry and genomics with epigenetics. She lives in Connecticut with her supportive husband, Rusty, and her beautiful white, blue-eyed Siamese cat, Mardi.

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